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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Paid Search advertising, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It is a popular form of digital advertising used by businesses to drive targeted traffic to their websites and increase their online visibility. Our PPC company helps you to increase your Leads, ROI and Climb to your SEO Ranking.

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is one of the most popular PPC advertising platforms, allowing businesses to display ads on Google search engine results pages (SERPs), YouTube, and various partner websites. Other platforms, such as Facebook Ads, Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads), and Twitter Ads, also offer PPC advertising options with their own unique targeting capabilities.

ASB PPC company specialize in creating and managing online advertising campaigns for businesses. We help clients drive traffic to their websites by placing targeted ads on search engines and other digital platforms. We use various strategies to optimize ad performance and ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) for their clients. By selecting relevant keywords, optimizing ad copy, and analyzing campaign data, PPC companies aim to increase conversions, generate leads, and enhance brand visibility in the digital space.

Advertisers create ads and place bids on particular words or phrases that users may type into a search engine when looking for goods or services in a PPC campaign. The search engine presents pertinent advertisements when a user conducts a search using those keywords. The amount of the bid, the caliber of the ad, and its relevance to the user’s search query all play a role in how the ads are displayed and in what order. The term “pay per click” refers to the fact that an advertiser is only charged when a user clicks on their ad.

Advertisers use PPC campaigns to target particular audience demographics or place bids on keywords. The advertisement is displayed prominently when a user conducts a search or meets the required criteria. A number of variables, including the amount of the bid, the ad’s quality, and its applicability to the user’s search, affect the ad’s position.

When a user searches for a keyword or meets the specified targeting criteria, the ad is shown. Advertisers compete in real-time auctions to have their ads displayed in prominent positions. The bid amount, along with the ad’s relevance and quality, influences its position on the page.

There are two primary models for determining Pay-per-click: 1) flat-rate  and 2) bid-based.

In both cases, the advertiser must consider the potential value of a click from a given source. This value is based on the type of individual the advertiser is expecting to receive as a visitor to their website, and what the advertiser can gain from that visit, which is usually short-term or long-term revenue. Targeting is crucial in PPC campaigns, Similar to other forms of advertising, PPC campaigns often take into account the target’s interest (often indicated by a search term they have entered into a search engine or the content of a page they are browsing), intent (such as whether they intend to make a purchase or not), location (for geotargeting), a device used and the day and time they are browsing.

Benefits of PPC

If you’re unsure how to set up PPC campaigns for your marketing, just take a look at the points listed below.

-> PPC can help you accomplish your marketing objectives. It might involve exposing your shortcomings to more e-commerce sales.

-> The best feature of these advertising campaigns is how simple it is to track them using Google Analytics and Ad Word Tool. You can find out how many people have looked up a keyword associated with our domain.

-> It gives you the chance to quickly connect with potential customers. PPC can actually make the process of doing research and creating ads simpler.

-> The ability to adjust the budget while maintaining total control over the channel used to reach potential customers.

Google ADs

To assist you in reaching your target market and achieving your business objectives, we create and manage Google Ads campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

On well-known social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we run targeted advertising campaigns.

Display Advertising

To raise brand awareness and increase traffic to your website, we design and manage display advertising campaigns.


To increase the likelihood of conversion, we target users who have already interacted with your website using remarketing techniques.

PPC Company in Ahmedabad

How we do PPC ?

-> First, we must register for a Google Adwords account, which we must then fill out completely with information about our company.

-> Add PPC Keywords: By including keywords that are pertinent to your company’s industry, you can increase the reach of your pay per click campaign.

-> Add Negative Keywords: To increase campaign relevancy and cut down on wasteful spending, add non-converting terms as negative keywords.

-> The ability to adjust the budget while maintaining total control over the channel used to reach potential customers.